Why Solar? Why Now?

You see them going up everywhere. Left and right, solar panels are popping up in neighborhoods. There is hardly a road I drive down that doesn’t have at least one home with solar panels. Often it’s more. I’m sure you’ve noticed too. What’s going on? Why are so many people choosing to go solar now?

Two things have made this “solar moment” possible. First, the technology has advanced so much that solar is now extremely affordable. For most customers, they start saving money on their power costs from day one. On top of that, they lock in those costs going forward. No more nasty surprises when power rates increase.

When we show people that a new solar panel system will cost them zero out of pocket, that they will save money on day one, and that they will never have to pay a cost increase again, it pretty much seals the deal right there. Honestly, who doesn’t want to save money and break free from the ever rising cost of power?

But there is a second reason solar is booming right now. It has to do with people’s conscience. As a collective, we are realizing that our planet is in danger. No one person is responsible for this situation. And no one person can solve it. The solution lies with each one of us taking action to reduce our impact on the planet and its resources. Solar is a major part of the solution.

An average solar panel system will offset 6-8 tons of CO2. Which is the equivalent of planting over 200 trees. Solar panels are one of the most cost effective and impactful ways to do our part to protect the planet.

If you want to understand why solar is having its moment now, it’s this powerful combination. It serves both people’s personal interest as well as their impulse to do something to help the planet. It saves people money and it helps to reverse the devastating legacy of fossil fuels.

This is solar’s time! We are proud to be leading the way, helping people transition to renewable energy. Thank you for joining us in this power production revolution.

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