Ready for a Solar Quote? Do These 6 Things First.

The decision to switch from traditional electricity to solar energy isn’t a decision any homeowner should enter into lightly. It requires a contract, financing, choosing the right provider, and understanding how residential solar works. In order to obtain the best solar quotes, due diligence should be done to ensure the most thorough and accurate quotes are received for comparison. Following are six tips to make sure you’re handed the best solar quotes.

  1. Learn Solar Terminology
    Before meeting with solar companies, jump online and research solar terminology. This is critical in understanding what solar sales representatives will be discussing with you and will allow you to ask informed questions to make sure you’re getting the best system for the best price. Go into your consultations understanding the terms inverter, net metering, power production, and more.
  2. Understand Current Solar Costs
    If you have family or friends who have switched to solar, ask them about costs and tax credits received. Also, do some online research about the current cost of solar and how tax incentives can offset some of those costs. Having this knowledge will empower you during your solar consultations if pricing seems higher than anticipated.
  3. Inquire About a Solar Battery
    You might be going down the road of installing solar panels, but that doesn’t mean your home will be running 24/7 on energy generated from those panels. Ask about a solar battery during your consultation, which provides power during outages when the electric grid is down. Many homeowners assume a solar battery is included when in reality, it’s a solar add-on.
  4. Know Your Financing Options
    A solar company representative will review your payment options, which include cash out-of-pocket, leasing, or purchasing with financing. A reputable solar company will offer a purchase option, while “bad actors” in the industry often fail to disclose that option since they make more money from solar leasing. Go into your consultation with an understanding that purchasing solar offers the greatest return on your investment.
  5. Understand the Full Package
    A solar quote should be comprehensive, inclusive of total costs for the panels, permits, installation, battery (if desired), and inspection. It should also include details regarding post-installation service, warranties, and a power production guarantee. Be leery of a solar company that omits any of these costs, as that could be an indication they are not a full-service solar provider.
  6. Know Your Roof Details
    What material is it made of? How many square feet is your roof? Does it receive ample sunlight? Is it in need of repair or replacement? These are all things you should know about your roof going into a solar consultation with the goal of receiving a quote. Your success with solar energy is directly related to the size of your roof and the sunlight it receives. A solar company that does not inquire about these details may provide an inadequate quote.

Armed with this information, you should walk away from multiple solar consultations with quotes that fit your energy needs and work for your home. 

Considering solar? Use our Solar Savings Calculator to obtain a custom solar savings estimate for your home. We invite you to learn more about Smart Green Solar, our core values, and our unique approach–which has led to us becoming a leading full-service provider in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

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