Calculate Your Sun Hours

How many sun hours do you have at your home?

Find Your Peak Sun Hours

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How to Calculate Your Solar Needs?
The importance of knowing your annual and monthly sun hours.

Use this convenient calculator tool to evaluate the amount of sunlight your home receives. The data provided is tailored to your precise location. Understanding the monthly sunlight exposure is crucial for determining the optimal size of your solar power system and maximizing its efficiency.

Why Do My Sun Hours Matter?

By utilizing the sun hours calculator, you can precisely measure the amount of sunlight that reaches your roof. This calculation of the average sun hours your roof receives enables you to estimate the required number of solar panels to offset your existing energy consumption. This proactive strategy provides a clear understanding of your solar energy system requirements while promoting sustainability and optimal efficiency.

Annual Sun Hours By State - Smart Green Solar
Why Go Solar Right Now?
Peak season for sun hours is almost upon us!

With the warmer months approaching, now is the ideal moment to begin your solar journey! As we transition into the peak season with extended daylight hours and increased sunshine, it's the perfect opportunity to take a sustainable step towards going green. By switching to solar power, not only can you contribute to a cleaner environment, but you can also benefit from long-term savings on your energy bills. Join the solar movement today and make a positive impact while enjoying the advantages of renewable energy.

Next Step: Find Out Your System Size

Using your most recent electric bill or monthly usage, get an estimate on the system size you may need.