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Educating our customers so that they can buy with confidence.
In order to qualify you must be a homeowner, have qualifying credit (640 or higher). One of our energy consultants will help you get qualified by filling out an online form that typically just takes 2-3 minutes. Most approvals happen instantaneously.
$0 Down financing is simple. We use a bank that provides homeowners with solar specific financing. In order to qualify, you must have:
1. Approved Credit (640 And Above)
2.Be A Homeowner, And
3.Have A Qualifying Debt To Income Ratio.

The financing is a flat payment that will never increase and there are no prepayment penalties. The first payment on your solar panels is typically 60 days after install. Plenty of time for your panels to begin producing clean energy and rolling back your meter even before you have paid anything.
Because each city and utility company has different requirements and different permitting timelines, the process will vary in length. Most of our customers have their systems turned on within 8-12 weeks after signing up with Smart Green Solar. This is much faster than many companies who take as long as 3 to 6 months to install and activate.
Going solar is an 8-step process. Our white glove service makes it super simple for the customer because we handle every step of the process behind the scenes. You’ll get text updates to let you know where you are in the process.

1. Provide your electric bill to Smart Green Solar (1 Day)
2. Energy Consultant provides a free proposal that goes over the design and numbers (usually same or next day)
3. Get qualified & sign-up (same time as proposal)
4. Survey performed by Smart Green Solar (usually same or next day after qualifying)
5. Engineering and permitting (1-2 weeks)
6. Installation of system (1-2 days)
7. Inspections by city and Oncor or AEP depending on city (1-4 weeks)
8. Permission to Operate and site commissioned – Turn System On!!!
All of the costs of permits, design work, engineering, surveys and inspections are included in your initial proposal. The only potential change orders that may require additional cost are if your main electrical panel is not up to code, or if your roof needs to be replaced. See “what if I need a new roof” in the questions below.
We don’t ONLY install solar on roofs. Many times when homeowners have land to spare, we do what is called a ground mounted system. We also install on many types of roofs; metal, tile, composite shingle, flat roofs, etc. In the instance that you have a roof-type that we are unable to install on, we have additional options you can consult with your Energy Consultant about for your home.
Although we have options to be able to go “off-grid”, our standard solar system is a “grid-tied” system. This means that you are still connected to the utility company for any additional electric needs that you may encounter. You also are able to use the utility company as a “battery” with net metering, because it “stores” the energy that you over produce, giving you a credit that you can use later.
Yes, we can. Although, the majority of the systems that we install are “grid-tied” – meaning that there are no batteries involved. The benefit of this is that you are able to use the grid like a battery without the additional costs of batteries.
A general rule for Smart Green Solar is that your bill will be around the same or significantly less compared to your current electric bill.
The Federal Income Tax Credit is an incentive provided by the federal government for homeowners to go solar. The tax credit is a dollar credit against your tax liability. This means, if your total credit that you qualified for was $6,000 and throughout the year you had $8,000 in federal taxes withheld from your paycheck, you would receive the full $6,000 in a tax rebate*.

How do you calculate what your Federal Income Tax Credit will be? Take your total system cost and multiply it by the current incentive percentage – example $30,000 x 30% = $9,000 (your total potential Tax Credit*).

*Consult with your local tax accountant to verify how the Federal Tax Credit may benefit you.
No! You’re too young NOT to make the switch! Not only will this be a great thing for anyone that could potentially buy or inherit your home, but this will be an incredible option for the rest of your life! By going solar for $0 Down with Smart Green Solar, you’ll fix the price of your monthly electric bills (now solar bill). That’s what each of us are pursuing…predictable and fixed expenses! Especially if we are nearing retirement or retired.
During the day you will generate more energy than you will use. This will mean that your smart meter will run backwards and your utility company will give you credits for all the power you send them. Then at night, when your panels aren’t producing electricity you will be able to use the credits from the utility company so you can still power your home.

You are always connected to the grid. So, if one month you have relatives come and visit and you consume more power. Then no worries, you can always use your utility company to purchase more power. This means you have nothing to lose and everything to gain when it comes to solar.
Our goal is to produce 100%. Some roofs will not allow for this. Either way, it is ideal to produce as much as possible. If you can’t produce 100% of your power we will offset as much as possible to lock in the lower rates.

Imagine you were offered a discount on your grocery bill for the rest of your life. This only covered half of your groceries instead of 100% of your groceries. Would you still take the discount on half? Solar could do the same with your power bill. Submit your bill to see how much of a savings you could get.
Today, your solar bill may be about what you’re currently paying in an electric bill. Although, a primary advantage is that your solar bill will be fixed. The real cost is not choosing solar because your electric bill is subject to increase and has historically increased 4-6% annually.

The best way to think about it is the difference between renting your home and having a fixed mortgage. A landlord will continue to raise your rent over the years, and you never get anything in return for your payment besides the temporary usage of the home. A mortgage on the other hand is a fixed payment and your monthly payment goes toward buying down the asset every single month. You made the smart decision to own your home. It only makes sense to own your power and lock in your rate.
As long as you have a reliable internet connection, Smart Green Solar provides monitoring on your system. This is accessible through an app on your smartphone. The app allows you to see exactly what your solar system is producing in real time, as well has how much energy you are using. Most customers save additional money just by having access to this information.
Yes. Each customer is given access to an application on their smartphone that communicates with the panels. It gives you a play by play of your hourly production. It will also tell you your consumption on each major device (your AC, oven, dryer, etc.) in your home so you can see where you are using the electricity.
Maintenance for a solar system is very minimal. Cleaning is the most common type of maintenance needed, for which we recommend that you run a hose over them once every 2-3 years
We monitor each individual panel on your roof top. If one is under-performing we are automatically notified and will schedule a time with you to come out and replace it free of charge.
If you have a roof that needs to be replaced soon, rolling it into your solar project is a great way to go. We use vetted roofing companies that deliver a sturdy roof at a great value to the customer. By rolling your new roof into your solar project you are able to finance it alongside your new solar panels. How does a new roof that only costs a few dollars a month sound?
If your roof leaks, we will come and fix it for as long as it is under warranty. Typically 10, 15, or 25 years.
Our solar panels have been tested against baseball sized hail up to 60 mph speeds. In the event that hail were to cause damage (which is highly unlikely), your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the damage to the solar panels. In many states you can add solar to your homeowners insurance through something called a Green Endorsement. It typically ranges $30-50 a year (only $2-4 a month). You can consult your insurance provider for more details on your specific policy.
.When a homeowner moves, they have 2 options:

1. You can have the flat financing payment of the solar system transferred to the new homeowner.
2. You can wrap the payoff of the loan into the value of the sale.

Here is an example – Say your home is valued at $200,000 WITHOUT solar… You have a solar system that you owe $8,000 on, but the value of the system is $20,000. You sell the home for $220,000 because of the solar. At closing, you pay off the $8,000 that you still owe for your panels. You walk away with an additional $12,000 on the sale of your home. Pretty smart move.

We make this process simple. Simply call us at 432-400-2006 when you decide that you are going to sell your home.
According to many reputable sources, solar adds significant value to your home. According to, solar homes sell for a premium of $15,000 for an average system size of 5kW. Not only do homes with solar sell for more, but they sell 20% faster than a home without solar. See the report here –

Zillow also did a study that found that solar adds anywhere from 4-5% to the value of your home. This, of course, depends on where you live and the size of the system that your home requires. Zillow calculated the solar premium by comparing homes with and without solar energy. The study controlled for variables such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, age of the home and location. Here is a link to the Zillow study –
The panels emit current even when it snows. The snow will affect the production of the panels. However, snow melts quickly off the panels. Keep In mind that all of this is taken into consideration as part of our yearly production estimate. The best part is that with our production guarantee you do not have to worry about all this.
Yes. We carry all required licensing, bonds, and insurance. If you want to see if we service your area, please feel free to ask in the “custom quote” tab.
At Smart Green Solar, we understand that going solar is a big decision. There are also a lot of tedious details to take care of that most homeowners don’t have the time to complete. That is why our staff and Energy Consultants take all the effort and headache out of the equation. Our white glove service makes it simple to choose clean energy. We provide this top-of-the-line concierge service, tier 1 quality equipment, aesthetic design, all at a fair price that makes sense to you. There is a reason why so many homeowners have chosen to trust Smart Green Solar with their solar needs. Thanks for checking us out!
Smart Green Solar INFO
At Smart Green Solar, we provide 2 different types of warranties; manufacturers’ equipment warranties and labor warranties. We only use tier-1 equipment with a 25 year manufacturer’s warrantee. This protects both our customers and our company. The warranties are available upon request from our customer service department. Our labor and roof penetration warranty is for 5 years. This warranty covers roof leaks, craftsmanship, and all work performed.
The standard life expectancy of our solar systems is 40 years. The first 25 years is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty. This means that your system will cover your needs for much of the rest of your life!
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