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Take Advantage of Tax Credits Before They Run Out in 2024
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The Federal Tax Credit Schedule

Integrity Based Pricing
We follow a standard pricing model that we use for every customer. This is not the case with most solar companies. Most companies offer sales reps the ability to mark up prices “based on the customer”. We believe this approach lacks integrity. Instead, we focus on educating our customers about the opportunity of solar and customizing solutions to their needs. We succeed by building longterm relationships and making fans of our customers.
Local Installation + Support Team
You will use power your entire life. You need to know that your solar company is supporting you locally. All of our technicians live in the communities we serve and take pride in helping their neighbors. Fun fact: All national companies rely on companies like ours to fulfill their customer orders and maintenance needs. When you work with us directly, you cut out the middle man and build a strong relationship with your local solar provider.
Power Production Guarantee
We stand behind our products and services. Meaning, we guarantee your first year of energy production. This means that if the system does not produce the power we promised then we will give you free panels to solve that problem. We will also cut you a check for any additional cost from the utility company in that first year. This means you can buy from us with the peace of mind knowing that we will always do what is right.
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