What Your Solar Quote Should Include

The decision to convert from traditional electricity to solar is a process that requires due diligence on the part of the homeowner, considering there are many options for solar providers — some of which do not have customers’ best interests in mind. To ensure you’re selecting the best partner to navigate you through the process, we’re detailing everything you should see in a solar quote as you explore your options. Asking the right questions and receiving all the details upfront is critical to a successful solar transition with the right provider.  

Solar Quote Must-Haves

A solid solar quote should include all the right information to help you understand what you’re receiving, confidence that the provider knows what they’re doing, and assurances on service. It should leave you with very few questions about the cost, financing, and process. 

Following is a list of what should be included in a solar quote from a reputable provider:

  • Solar panel type make and model
  • Inverter or microinverter model
  • Number of solar panels to be installed
  • Total system size in kilowatts
  • A satellite photo or rendering of your roof showing the solar panel layout
  • Anticipated electricity production per year
  • Expected annual savings
  • Details about any solar incentives for which you qualify
  • Total system cost before and after incentives are applied
  • If financing, solar loan upfront and monthly recurring costs
  • If paying cash, the total cost of the system
  • Specific details about equipment warranties and energy production guarantee

Questions to Ask

As the homeowner considering the investment of a solar energy system, you have every right to ask questions above and beyond what you see in a typical solar quote, even if the quote addresses everything above. These questions can include:

  • Can I see options for different panels and inverters at various price points?
  • Can you provide a comparison of solar costs versus my estimated utility costs over time, accounting for electricity rate increases?
  • Can I receive a second version of the quote with a solar battery added?
  • Can details of post-installation service be added to my quote, including any costs that will be my responsibility in the event of damage or malfunction?
  • How many years have you been in business, and how many solar systems have you installed?
  • Can you share references? 
  • Are you licensed and insured, and can I have your business license number?
  • Do you subcontract, or cover all related services directly?

A solar quote should leave a homeowner feeling 100 percent confident in their choice of a solar provider and what they’re receiving for their investment, which is always the goal of Smart Green Solar. If a potential solar partner is unwilling to provide these details or thoroughly answer your questions, continue seeking quotes from additional companies.   

Considering solar? Use our Solar Savings Calculator to obtain a custom solar savings estimate for your home. We invite you to learn more about Smart Green Solar, our core values, and our unique approach–which has led to us becoming a leading full-service provider in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

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