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Massachusetts Solar Incentives/Rebates
Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)
Qualified homeowners with a solar power system could be eligible for a tax credit of up to 30%.
Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Program
Tariff-based incentive program that is paid to homeowners directly by the utility company. The program provides payments to the homeowner over a 10-year period pending eligibility.
Massachusetts Renewable Energy Credit (MREC) Program
Provides incentives for residential properties that install additional solar panels on their houses. The initiative compensates homeowners with an additional fee for the electricity produced by their solar panels for a period of 25 years. Homeowners will receive a check from their utility company.
Net Metering
Allows homeowners to receive credits from their utility company for the excess electricity that their home solar power system generates.
Massachusetts State Solar Tax Credits and Exemptions
Massachusetts homeowners can receive a credit on their state income taxes that is worth 15% of the total cost of their solar system, up to $1,000.

* Contact a qualified tax expert for tailored advice. A professional tax advisor will assess your situation and offer the most pertinent counsel.

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MA Smart Program
MA Smart Program enables homeowners to receive

By leveraging the MA SMART program you can receive premium credits back from your utility company. The state of MA is incentivizing residents to go solar. You will get credits for the clean energy you generate. This program is an added benefit on top of the Federal Tax Credits and only available to MA Residents. There is also a $1000 check back from the state of MA when you go green. You are literally getting paid to go green. Act now!

Why Solar Panels and Solar Energy?

Reduce your electricity bills with solar panels


Solar is the cheapest form of energy when you take advantage of the federal and state tax credits and incentives. Average homeowners save $41,232 over 25 yrs.


Lock in your utility rates. With solar, you’ll never have to worry about rising energy costs. What you pay now is what you’ll pay in 25 years. Your costs will not go up.


Our current electrical grid is inefficient, pollutes our planet & constantly fails. Solar is a critical step in creating a sustainable outcome for your finances, our planet and future generations.