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Smart Green Solar
Energy solutions that give you more savings, independence and control.
Stop Overpaying for Power. We are Making Solar Simple and Affordable.
We offer products, solutions, and services that support our customers on their way to a sustainable future.
Smart Green Solar
Now is the time to go green and save money.
Zero Money Down. Start Saving Money from Day One.
Government incentives are time-limited. Don’t delay.
Smart Green Solar
Now is the time to go green and save money.
Everyone Uses power Differently.
We customize your system to you.
Need a new roof? Trees blocking the sun?
We've got you covered.
About Smart Green Solar
Growth. Leadership. Teamwork.
We are driven by the principles of growth, leadership and teamwork.

We are constantly learning and improving. We enable our team members to make the best decisions for our customers. Our front line leaders are empowered to do the right thing for each person. This enables us to take action and resolve customer concerns in an expedited manner. We are not perfect but we are in the pursuit of perfection. We work as a team to deliver the best possible experience.

Why Solar?

We enable our team members to make the best decisions for our customers.


Solar is the cheapest form of energy when you take advantage of the federal and state tax credits and incentives. Average homeowners save $41,232 over 25 yrs.


Lock in your utility rates. With solar, you’ll never have to worry about rising energy costs. What you pay now is what you’ll pay in 25 years. Your costs will not go up.


Our current electrical grid is inefficient, pollutes our planet & constantly fails. Solar is a critical step in creating a sustainable outcome for your finances, our planet and future generations.

Making Tomorrow Different Today.
Smart Green Pledge

We are committed and focused on our customer’s needs. We promise to keep our process educational, relationship driven and customized to meet your needs


Customized Experiences
We all consume power differently. No two households are the same. Our Energy Experts understand that. They will customize the perfect solution for you.
Educational Process
Knowledge Is power. We will educate you on solar and the opportunity it presents. We empower people to make confident decisions.
Relationship Driven
Trust and respect are foundational to any relationship. We cultivate strong relationships within the communities we serve. We are honored by the number of referrals we receive from our satisfied customers.

Work with us

Our people positively affect our customers. Both financially and environmentally.
How Hard Is It to Switch?
We got this! Our white glove service moves your solar project seamlessly through the seven step process. We keep you informed all along the way.
Free Customized Savings Report
Book an appointment with a solar expert who will assess your property and show you exactly how much money you’ll save. You’ll be able to see and customize the layout of the panels on your home, optimizing your power production.
Approval Process
Review the proposed system specifications and discuss system options. Leverage our Zero Money Down program to own your power. Purchase power at a lower cost than what you’re paying now. With us, you will always find more options than obligations.
Site Survey
We ensure that your home is right for solar. In this process we review your roof, the structural integrity of your home and your current electrical system. Our streamlined site survey enables us to overcome challenges on the front end and create a seamless process in the back end.
CAD Designs
We acquire the unique dimensions and mapping of your solar panel system. As part of this process we also receive the structural and electrical engineering stamps required to pull all necessary permits with local authorities.
We obtain all the necessary electrical and building permits to move your solar project forward. We work and stay connected with the authorities so you do not have to. We value your time and we are here to help!
Our solar installation team is always friendly, professional and ready to help. Installation usually takes 1 to 2 days to complete. At the end of the installation your home will be left in pristine condition. All trash is removed from the property and all warranty information is provided to the customer.
We work with the local inspectors to get all required approvals for your solar project. We also work with your utility company to finalize your buyback program. Once we receive approvals, we come out to activate your system and teach you how to optimize your experience with our smartphone application.
Get a Free Saving Report

What will I get as part of the report?

Our white glove service
From inquiring about solar power to installation was a seamless and streamlined process. Conrad Kiefer showed up prompt and with all the information I needed to make the decision about going with Smart Green Solar. Highly recommend Smart Green Solar.
Joshua Daigle
The staff was helpful and knowledgeable. They were always ready to answer any questions. I would recommend this company if you are looking to install a solar energy system.
Claudette Jardine
Josh was great!! He was very knowledgeable and he answered all my questions and is still helping me through the process until I get my solar panels!!
Mary Dibiase
Very nice team that have the knowledge and answers for your doubts. Really recommend them!!
Davis Nova
Smart Green Solar installed my solar system a year ago. I've been saving money ever since. The installation team was very quick and were courteous of my property. I will be moving in a few years and will definitely be using them if my new home does not already have solar.
Roxanne Camacho
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