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Solar Savings Calculator

See how much you can save by installing solar panels with our Solar Savings Calculator.

How much can you save by installing solar panels?

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System Information

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Panels Needed

6 Panels

Annual System Output

8000 kWh/Year

Monthly Cost Savings

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Est. System Cost


*Tax Incentives


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See how much you can save by installing solar panels on your home with our Solar Savings Calculator.

How Our Solar Savings Calculator Works

Identify Savings
Provide your address and the amount of your most recent electric bill.
Confirm Home Ownership
Confirm the type of roof (slope) you have.
System Sizing
The Smart Green Solar Calculator will estimate the size of the system you need to continue producing energy at your current usage level.
View your estimate!
Your custom solar estimate is instantly displayed and sent via email.
Next Steps
Schedule to review your solar quote with a Smart Green Solar expert by phone or in person.

Why Use the Smart Green Solar Calculator?

The Benefits of Using the Smart Green Solar Calculator

This Solar Savings Calculator is a free system design tool offered by Smart Green Solar,  the leading provider of full-service solar in RI, MA and CT.

It’s Accurate:
Our estimate is based on the rates provided by your current energy provider along with the size and slope of your roof, and how much sunlight your panels will absorb based on their positioning on your roof.

It’s Precise:
Our tool will inform you of precisely how many solar panels you will need.

It’s Customized:
Your solar estimate is tailored to match your current energy usage and fit your specific energy needs.

Carlo Samson
Carlo Samson
The installation team is great and work done in order. The crew notifies us for the best possible actual location of the panel that meets the requirements and Sofia is great on providing necessary information for the install schedule and inspection.
Kat Phimmasone
Kat Phimmasone
I had a great experience and learned a lot about solar panels from Smart Green. Everything was done so smoothly starting from signing the contract through installation. I would definitely recommend Smart Green to anyone. Jo-Ann was very helpful and responsive.
Ludmila Mirochnik
Ludmila Mirochnik
My Green Solar activation has been completed by Jo-Ann. She clearly explained company website, all pages and process. Help with navigation, answered all my questions, demonstrate proven skills and experience in her field on expertise. Thank you for great job.
Juan Suchite
Juan Suchite
Great tech they did a great job on my installation, they don’t leave any mess behim wish I like it Jo-Ann

Why Invest In Solar Panels?

Millions of homeowners have already taken advantage of solar. You can too!

Save $1,000s in Energy Costs

Energy prices are rising. Solar can protect your household from price hikes, and in their lifetime (25 years) can save you up to $60,000.

Increase Property Value

Increase the value of your home by investing in the latest solar technology. Solar roof tiles are a smart and attractive solution to any home.

Solar Savings

Any energy generated that you don’t use can be sold directly back to the grid with no hassle. So not only can you save, you can also earn.

Electric Bills Are At All Time High.. See What You Could Save!

Solar Savings Calculator - Smart Green Solar - Get Your Free Solar Savings Estimate Online

We Ensure Your Solar Panel Installation Is Completed Safely, Efficient & On Time​

Whether a single home installation or large volume social housing frame works – we have successfully delivered solar panel installations for all project sizes.

We use employed engineers to deliver, install and commission your solar panel system.

On the day of the installation we arrive and erect our own scaffolding, complete all roof work, commission and collapse the scaffold system ensuring a smooth installation.

Learn How Much You Can Save On Your Electric Bills With Our Free Solar Savings Calculator

Our team of qualified solar engineers will come out to you to carry out a free no obligation survey of your property.

We’ll take measurements of your roof and provide you with different solar panel installation options based on your requirements.

You will receive a proposal and itemized quotation including information on how much you could save each year on your electric bill.

Solar Savings Calculator - Smart Green Solar - Use The Free Solar Savings Estimate Tool Online

Why Customers Are Switching To Solar

Why Use Smart Green Solar For Your Solar Installation?

We’re your trusted, local full-service solar company whose success is built on putting our customers first.

Best Rhode Island Solar Company - Smart Green Solar

Peace Of Mind Promise


Enables Customers To Act Fast & Still Gives Time for Research


Enables Customers To Have Peace Of Mind From Underproduction


Provides Customers Peace of Mind Against The Unknown

About Smart Green Solar Installation & Service

Smart Green Solar is the leading full-service solar company in the Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut tri-state region. With an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, we have provided residential and commercial solar installations to over 2,000 happy customers.

Our team of dedicated specialists have 20+ years of experience in the solar industry and are dedicated to teaching You About Solar Instead Of “Selling You Solar.”

Our promise to you is exceptional service, and our mission is to empower families and businesses to own their power and serve as a trusted resource within the communities we serve.

Our core values of discipline, integrity, accountability and Loyalty ensure that there is always accountability each step of the process. The solar industry at large has a very fragmented business model. We created Smart Green Solar as a smarter solution—a full-service solar company that ensures that you experience the exceptional service you deserve.

Solar Savings Calculator - Smart Green Solar - Get Your Solar Panel Estimate

Understanding Your Solar Savings Report

Estimated System Size

The estimated system size needed to cover your current electric bill.

Panels Needed

How many panels are needed for your home energy needs.

Annual System Output

Annual Kwh Output from your system using the local weather station.

Monthly Cost Savings Estimate

What you could save by making the switch to solar.

Estimated System Cost

Cost range of your potential complete system.

Potential Tax Incentives

Estimated tax credits based on system size.