Electricity Rates About to Soar

Did you see this story in the Providence Journal? National Grid is forecasting a jaw dropping 16.8 cents a kilowatt hour next fall. That is double the rate that went into effect this April. Yes, you read correct. This fall, the electricity rate will be double what it is now.

If you’re a current customer of ours, this is exactly why you made the switch. You heard it from us plenty of times: “rates are going to go up.” But even we could not have imagined that rates would be rising this fast.

We’ve entered a perfect storm in favor of purchasing solar panels now. Rates are rising extremely fast. Tax incentives are set to be phased out. And what’s more, tariffs have been extended on solar panel imports. All of this means that both traditional electricity and solar power are about to get much more expensive. Homeowners will never be able to buy solar at this price again.

If you haven’t made the switch yet, or if someone you care about is on the fence about solar, know that now is the time. Waiting only means you’re going to pay more, no matter what you ultimately decide.

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