Our Learn, Teach, Grow Culture

Ignorance is the enemy of progress. That is especially true with solar. People are afraid of what is new. They also believe that the promise to go green AND save money is just too good to be true. They put-off the decision, afraid they are missing a catch somewhere. That is why we’ve put education at the heart of our sales process.

Solar panels are one of those rare products that, when properly understood, is clearly the best decision for the customer. It is so good in fact, that people get spooked by it. We’ve found that by taking the time to accurately explain the value, and answer any and every question, we put people at ease. We empower them to make the best decision for themselves and the planet.

Our core purpose at Smart Green Solar is to “Learn From, Teach and Grow People.” This commitment goes deeper than solar. We use education to improve the lives of our customers, our employees and our communities. We host classes on financial well-being, emotional intelligence, and many other topics relevant to health, success and personal improvement. We run a monthly book club and make it fun with cash prizes and other awards. We extend these resources to our communities as well.

Solar is an amazing business opportunity. But we don’t view it as a mere opportunity for profits. We see it as an opportunity to improve the lives and minds of our employees, to improve the well-being of our communities and, ultimately, to improve the state of our planet. Our learn, teach, grow culture is all about success and personal growth for everyone in our orbit. Solar is really just the vehicle we’ve chosen to support our deeper purpose of improving ourselves and our world.

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