There’s A Better Way to Approach Solar: The 4 Core Pillars that Guide Our Work

With the climate and environment worsening and electricity rates soaring, many homeowners are turning to solar as a clean, cost-saving solution to both issues. Solar energy can ease the burden of high electric bills while also helping the environment–making the decision to “go solar” an easy one for many homeowners.

However, the solar industry is becoming increasingly crowded with companies that are eager to convert homeowners to solar for a quick profit. When homeowners aren’t educated about their options and don’t get what’s promised, they are left feeling exploited, and such behavior by opportunistic solar companies places a cloud over the entire solar industry. 

This is where Smart Green Solar stands apart and has garnered a reputation within the industry as a solar company guided by the principles of community, learning, leadership, and sustainability. Our mission and vision center around these four pillars– ensuring customers that their solar process will prioritize their needs, the local community, and the needs of our planet.

The 4 Pillars that Guide Our Process

  1. Community – Power is local–and so is our team. Every community needs a localized solar solution serving the unique needs of that community and establishing trust among local homeowners. You’ll need power for your entire life, which means you need a solar company that is supporting you locally. Our technicians live in the communities we serve, setting the foundation for strong customer relationships and quick service.
  2. Learning – At Smart Green Solar, we are constantly learning, improving and educating our consumers. The solar industry is evolving, which means we’re learning and evolving right along with it. Our job is to educate you about the process along the way so you can make informed decisions that align with your needs and best interests.
  3. Leadership – Our team of experts leads with knowledge and skill–and is empowered to make the best recommendations for our customers. We are able to deliver the greatest possible experience, taking quick action and resolving all issues in an expedited manner. Our team leads by example, setting the standard for ourselves and all other solar companies.
  4. Sustainability (i.e., Going Green) – An increase in extreme weather events and rising sea levels are undeniable signs of climate change. Our climate issue is underscored by the fact that approximately 850 million people worldwide are living without access to electricity—a resource that’s now as essential as shelter. Our goal is to create clean, renewable energy solutions that power individuals’ lives without sacrificing our planet. 

The Smart Green Solar mission is to serve communities, help people save money, own their own power, and live sustainably. It’s our unwavering commitment to the communities we serve, to help them seamlessly transition to solar and experience the accompanying financial and environmental benefits. 

Considering solar? Use our Solar Savings Calculator to obtain a custom solar savings estimate for your home. We invite you to learn more about Smart Green Solar, our core values and our unique approach–which has led to us becoming a leading full-service provider in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

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