Do You Have a Solar Checklist? 4 Red Flags to Look Out For When Going Solar

Transitioning to solar is a big decision and a significant change, which means due diligence is required to ensure you select the right company. Serious complications can arise if you choose a solar partner that does solar the wrong way—and unfortunately, there are many companies doing it the wrong way.

So, what is the “right” way to do solar? Here’s a checklist of 4 criteria to consider:

National vs. Local 

National power companies rely on small, local energy providers to service customers, which means they’re just a middleman. A reputable solar company won’t have a middleman, but will instead be a local company serving its local customers directly. Once your solar panels are installed, and you’re generating your own electricity, you’ll need local technicians who can provide service at a moment’s notice. Doing solar “right” means you leverage a local team that is invested in its local communities. 

Vague vs. Transparent & Clear Pricing 

A solar company that doesn’t have a standard pricing model is a red flag. Many solar companies allow their sales representatives to mark up prices based on the customer—a tactic that lacks integrity. A reputable solar company will have one pricing model that applies to everyone regardless of income, with customized solutions available to cater to their individual needs. To ensure you’re working with a solar company that doesn’t mark up prices, always ask for documentation that shows their pricing model. 

Mysterious vs. Simple & Educational

Solar shouldn’t be a mystery to customers who are actively transitioning from their traditional electric company. All questions should be answered, every step of the process should be known, and every detail of your new solar system should be explained. The “right” way of doing solar is education first, with customers having a complete understanding of the decision they’re making, what it means financially, what it means for their home, and how service works after installation. A major red flag is a solar company that subcontracts its sales, installation, and service, indicating they’re not a cohesive, full-service solar company that will educate you across the entire process. 

Good Luck vs. Guarantees

The “right” way to do solar also means a guarantee of the products and services provided. A company that doesn’t offer a guarantee for your first year of energy production should be crossed off your list of potential solar partners. Your solar company should be committing to a certain level of power production in your first year, and if that threshold is not met, a specific financial benefit kicks in. 

Smart Green Solar checks all of the above criteria, with a steadfast commitment to doing solar the “right” way. We value integrity over profit and understand that every individual customer’s success leads to our continued success and helping others in their solar journey.  Considering solar? Use our Solar Savings Calculator to obtain a custom solar savings estimate for your home. We invite you to learn more about Smart Green Solar, our core values and our unique approach–which has led to us becoming a leading full-service provider in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

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