Ownership Matters

Why rent, when you could own for less? This happens often in real estate. Many people end up spending more on their rent than they would spend on a mortgage. In some cases, this can make sense. Perhaps they don’t have enough for a down payment, or perhaps they don’t plan on living in the area long, or perhaps they’re waiting for the right home to come along. For various reasons, this scenario can make sense when it comes to a home. But it makes zero sense when it comes to power. But, because people don’t understand the solar opportunity, it’s happening everywhere.

Everywhere today, people are paying more to rent their power from their utility company than it would cost them to own their power by going solar. It’s crazy. And the truth is, it won’t last. The only way to explain this situation is that people just aren’t educated about what solar can do today. That is changing fast. As more people learn about the opportunity of power ownership through solar, we’re seeing more and more people making the switch.

Ownership has always been the path to greater financial freedom and security. It’s true in real estate. It’s just as true in power. The thing is, we’ve only recently had the opportunity to own our power through advances in solar technology. This is a game changer, and awareness is rapidly spreading to the average consumer. 

By owning their power, the average person stands to save $40,000-$70,000 in energy costs over the next 25 years. Invest those savings, and today’s consumer has a huge opportunity to improve their financial standing in the short-term and over the long-term. This is an opportunity that didn’t exist in previous generations. Those who understand it, those who have been educated about it, are embracing it.

For the average person, solar is simply a no-brainer. It’s just a matter of whether they’ve received the right information or not. Once they understand that they are paying more to rent than it would cost them to own, they can’t wait to make the switch.

If you’re ready to explore what solar can do for you, set a time to speak with one of our green energy experts.

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