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Five Reasons Solar is for You
You have a clean and renewable source of energy shining on your roof. This is like having an oil well in your backyard, except using this source of energy does not cause any harmful greenhouse gases. It’s up there, just waiting for you to tap into it. Below are 5 simple reasons why going solar...
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Private: The Advantages of Going Solar
Solar energy can be harnessed all around the world, and we can’t run out of it, as long as the sun exists. Therefore, solar is one of the truly renewable energy sources. Solar energy can be used to power homes and businesses, used to heat water, and even power vehicles. If you are considering adding...
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Smart Green Solar Is Making Clean Energy a Possibility
As the world becomes more environmentally intentional, it is crucial to reduce the massive carbon footprint by burning less coal and fuel. However, As fossil energy is the primary energy source, it is of utmost importance to find an inexhaustible energy source that is clean, renewable. It ultimately keeps the environment clean – Solar Energy....
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Energy justice and local solar go hand-in-hand
By Odette Mucha, Vote Solar and Luis Nasvytis Torres, Earthjustice Local energy resources have the potential to equitably distribute the benefits of clean energy in a way that provides jobs, resilience and savings to communities left out of our century-old electricity grid. These resources – like rooftop and community solar, and battery storage – have...
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Solar Power Does What? 4 Unusual Uses of Photovoltaic Technology
It’s becoming more common to find solar panels on rooftops, but that’s just one of thousands of places where they are generating power. As costs drop and energy production rises, we expect to see many more places where solar technologies are put to work—providing unleashed, inexpensive electricity. Here are four unusual places where solar technologies...
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INFOGRAPHIC: Energy Jobs Inspired by the Solar Decathlon
From planning to construction, it requires many roles to take a house from blueprint to reality. One of the key features of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon is the realistic experience it provides to participating students. The Solar Decathlon is a uniquely large-scale university design-build competition, offering theory-to-practice opportunities for student teams and...
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