Smart Green Solar Is Making Clean Energy a Possibility

As the world becomes more environmentally intentional, it is crucial to reduce the massive carbon footprint by burning less coal and fuel. However, As fossil energy is the primary energy source, it is of utmost importance to find an inexhaustible energy source that is clean, renewable. It ultimately keeps the environment clean – Solar Energy.

Solar energy is sourced directly from the sun and is the purest form of energy. However, harnessing the sun’s power involves a long and complicated process of getting factors such as sunlight hours, panel types, inverters, and installation right. Unfortunately, making the switch is polluted with misinformation from realtors and electricians who have not taken the time to understand the process entirely. This false information has resulted in hesitancy among homeowners in switching to solar power even though significant upsides could reduce costs.

To protect the homeowners from misinformation and help them make an informed decision on lowering costs and save thousands of dollars on solar energy.SmartGreen.Solar is taking the forefront by assisting them in deciding to go green while saving money. The company provides its customers with fact-checked information that will facilitate their power purchasing ability.

SmartGreen.Solar was founded in 2016 by Jay Gorta and is primarily focused on educating homeowners about local and federal tax credits available to them to switch to solar while enjoying all the potential benefits. With a team of professional green energy consultants, customers are assured of a step-by-step guide to making an educative decision to go solar.

An executive order recently passed by the President of the United States states that federal tax credits on clean energy will be extended until 2024. This new mandate means that green energy is here to stay. However, the tax incentives which are limited are already on their way and have already created a considerable uptick in demand for clean energy like solar.

In compliance with the executive order, California has already started mandating new homes and forcing them to go solar as the solar price is predicted to skyrocket soon, SmartGreen.Solar helps its customers save money by encouraging them to stay one step ahead and go Green before the mandate kicks in.

As renewable energy makes a one-way shift from luxury to a necessity, SmartGreen.Solar helps its clients generate clean energy from the sun. Simultaneously, its highly efficient team focuses on cultivating relationships with the clients, educating & providing an experience tailored to their individual needs. Every communication with the company is guaranteed to be positive and friendly. As stated by the CEO, “We want to leave our customers pleasantly surprised with amazing results.”

The company currently caters to homeowners living in Florida, Texas, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. In addition to its generous offers, Smart Green Solar also offers $0 money down programs and gives $1000 back on installation.

To learn more about Smart Green Solar and going green, you may visit its officialwebsite. You may also find their updates on Facebook andInstagram

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