Learn About Our Fight Against the RI AG

We are surprised and dumbfounded by the Attorney General’s allegations and are processing how his office filed a lawsuit over a select few (4 officially filed) mostly resolved customer complaints. It seems like the Attorney General’s office needed a story to attack the Governor and our company was merely a tool to achieve his ulterior motive. 

It is remarkable that Attorney General Neronha is using his lawsuit against us to assert that there is a void of leadership in the Governor’s Office. The reality is that the void in leadership is within the Rhode Island Attorney General’s office. As this case progresses, we look forward to demonstrating the holes and weaknesses in the AG’s allegations, and the methods the AG used to drum up their case against us. 

If the Attorney General’s Office understood the documents that we provided to them, they would see how Smart Green Solar is different from the rest of the solar companies in the marketplace. The AG’s Office looked past the thousands of satisfied customers for whom we installed solar systems and from whom we received over 350 Five (5) Star Ratings. We are proud of having grown our local Rhode Island business and created more than 200 good paying green economy jobs in the last 2 years. These facts were conveniently overlooked as the Attorney General was more focused on scoring political points to slam Governor McKee and justify his gubernatorial ambition. 

At the direction of the Chief of the Consumer and Economic Justice Unit, Stephen N. Provazza, the AG’s Office encouraged customers to file some of the 6 complaints relied upon in its lawsuit against us. The AG’s Office prevented Smart Green Solar from talking with 2 of these customers and stopped us from addressing and resolving their concerns. When Attorney General Neronha returns from his leave of absence, he should focus on learning more about what separates good solar companies from bad ones in order to actually protect consumers, rather than using Rhode Island businesses to score political points. 

Smart Green Solar invites Governor McKee, Attorney General Neronha and the media to come to our offices in downtown Providence to learn what sets our company apart from others!

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