Does the Solar Industry Lack Accountability?

The short answer: Yes

The current U.S. solar industry operates much like a puzzle–with separate pieces making the big picture very unclear. There’s little accountability, with each part of the process operating independently instead of together for the sake of a positive customer outcome. Sales, installation, service, and financing are all subcontracted, allowing each individual contractor to operate on their own timelines and with their own standards of service. This makes it incredibly difficult for customers to comprehend all the moving parts of solar installation and service, leaving them with a negative perception of the process. Smart Green Solar exists to solve the lack-of-accountability problem.


A full-service solar company focused on accountability across all stages of the process can change the game, and that’s what Smart Green Solar aims to achieve. In-house sales and support, full-time employees and project managers, local W2 union electricians, and white glove in-house customer service are virtually unheard of in the solar industry– creating one of the biggest distinctions between us and our competitors.

Full-Service Business Model

Our full-service business model allows us to walk our customers through each and every step– ensuring that you work with one company throughout the process, that work is done in a timely manner, and that your expectations are met. 

A piecemeal and outsourced approach to any service is bound to be problematic. Unfortunately, too often, solar customers experience just that. Something goes wrong and accountability becomes a game of pin-the-tail-on-the-contractor, but the contractor keeps moving. When we’re talking about something as important as power, you don’t want to be left wondering who is accountable to make it right

That‘s why we’ve built our Smart Green promises around  accountability (like our power production guarantee, or our commitment to industry best panels and racking) — and that’s why we’ve chosen to take a holistic approach. With Smart Green Solar, there’s never any “passing the buck.” We know the solar industry’s weakness is accountability. That’s why we’ve made it our strength. If you have a problem, you call us, and we resolve it.  

True accountability is virtually impossible to achieve when a service is delivered in a segmented manner. At Smart Green Solar, we prioritize full-service solar delivery from sales through post-installation support and promise exceptional customer care throughout the process. 

Are you considering solar? Use our Solar Savings Calculator to obtain a custom solar savings estimate for your home. We invite you to learn more about Smart Green Solar, our core values and our unique approach–which has led to us becoming a leading full-service provider in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

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