The Best Solar Installation Company?

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Carlo Samson
Carlo Samson
The installation team is great and work done in order. The crew notifies us for the best possible actual location of the panel that meets the requirements and Sofia is great on providing necessary information for the install schedule and inspection.
Kat Phimmasone
Kat Phimmasone
I had a great experience and learned a lot about solar panels from Smart Green. Everything was done so smoothly starting from signing the contract through installation. I would definitely recommend Smart Green to anyone. Jo-Ann was very helpful and responsive.
Ludmila Mirochnik
Ludmila Mirochnik
My Green Solar activation has been completed by Jo-Ann. She clearly explained company website, all pages and process. Help with navigation, answered all my questions, demonstrate proven skills and experience in her field on expertise. Thank you for great job.
Juan Suchite
Juan Suchite
Great tech they did a great job on my installation, they don’t leave any mess behim wish I like it Jo-Ann

What Makes Smart Green Solar the Best Solar Installation Company?

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Finding The Right Solar Installation Company

Solar Installation Company - Smart Green Solar - MA, CT, RI

Smart Green Solar is the leading full-service solar installation company in the Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut tri-state region. With an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, we have provided residential and commercial solar installations to over 2,000 happy customers. Our team of dedicated specialists have 20+ years of experience in the solar industry and are dedicated to teaching You About Solar Instead Of “Selling You Solar.”

Choosing to go solar is a big decision and we understand the importance of being informed about what the process entails and how we as your solar installation company will best help you along the way. To get started, click here to access our Solar Savings Calculator. Our calculator will identify your savings, confirm home ownership, estimate the size of your system, and will instantly display your solar installation estimate!

We created Smart Green Solar as a smarter solution – a full-service solar installation company that ensures that you experience the exceptional service you deserve.

Why Solar Panels and Solar Energy?

Reduce your electricity bills with solar panels


Solar is the cheapest form of energy when you take advantage of the federal and state tax credits and incentives. Average homeowners save $41,232 over 25 yrs.


Lock in your utility rates. With solar, you’ll never have to worry about rising energy costs. What you pay now is what you’ll pay in 25 years. Your costs will not go up.


Our current electrical grid is inefficient, pollutes our planet & constantly fails. Solar is a critical step in creating a sustainable outcome for your finances, our planet and future generations.