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Solar Battery

Introducing the IQ Solar Battery 5P: the ultimate all-in-one AC-coupled system that ticks all the boxes – powerful, reliable, simple, and safe. With a 5.0 kWh usable energy capacity and six embedded grid-forming microinverters boasting a continuous power rating of 3.84 kVA, this system is built to deliver. Not only does it offer backup capability, but installers can also effortlessly design the perfect system size to cater to customer needs. 

Smart Green Installer FAQ's

10-90 days from execution of contract agreement.

Smart Green Solar LLC does not guarantee amounts or your eligibility for any

rebates or incentives.

Your battery system is covered by a warranty from its manufacturer. This warranty

will cover defects for at least 15 years up to 6000 cycles, and will be transferred to

you automatically when you pay the Contract Price. At your request we will make

any claim under this warranty on your behalf and perform any related labor at our

cost. If you need to replace your battery after this warranty expires, please contact

us and we will help you obtain and install a replacement, both at your cost.

We warrant that (a) our installation workmanship will be free from defects for 1 year

from the date your Products are installed (or, in the case of main panel or structural

upgrades, 1 year from the date those upgrades were performed); (b) our installation

workmanship will not invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty for your batteries or

inverter and (c) we will not damage your property during our installation of your

Products. If we breach this warranty, we will repair the defective work, roof

penetration or damage at our cost. If we can’t do this ourselves, we will pay for

someone else to do it. This shall not extend the original warranty period, but the

remainder of the original warranty period shall apply to the repair work.

Connected Solutions

ConnectedSolutions is a utility program which incentivizes customers to share energy to the grid when the New England electric grid needs it.
Customers are paid on a performance basis for the average kW they generate from their storage during dispatch events. To learn about the ConnectedSolutions program in detail, please visit RI Energy.

Your battery will be called no more than 60 times, with each event lasting no more than 3 hours. Events will occur between June and September, 3pm-8pm.

Yes. If we cannot communicate with your energy storage system, or if your energy storage system cannot discharge when needed (due to a maintenance issue), the incentive paid to either the system owner or their battery implementer will be affected.

Yes. Customers with existing solar PV systems can add an energy storage system to their homes to participate. 

When you add a battery system to your existing solar PV system, your solar interconnection agreement will need to be updated.

To end your participation, please contact your battery implementer or send an email to

Many customers install energy storage systems in preparation for power outages. We want to ensure that customers with solar batteries remain prepared if the lights go out. 

In New England, most power outages occur during the winter, whereas most ConnectedSolutions events will be in the summer. Additionally, if the forecast calls for extreme weather, we will not call an event, allowing ConnectedSolutions participants to keep fully-charged batteries in preparation for a possible outage event.

Your system can be dispatched up to 75 times per year during peak demand hours. You’ll be notified by email when events are scheduled, typically by 2 p.m. Eastern the day ahead. You can opt-out from individual adjustment events by following the opt-out link in the event notification email. Note that any event opt-outs will reduce the incentive you will be eligible to receive.

Why Solar Panels and Solar Energy?

Reduce your electricity bills with solar panels


Solar is the cheapest form of energy when you take advantage of the federal and state tax credits and incentives. Average homeowners save $41,232 over 25 yrs.


Lock in your utility rates. With solar, you’ll never have to worry about rising energy costs. What you pay now is what you’ll pay in 25 years. Your costs will not go up.


Our current electrical grid is inefficient, pollutes our planet & constantly fails. Solar is a critical step in creating a sustainable outcome for your finances, our planet and future generations.