Michael Mullen, Director of Business Development

  1. (916) 262-8140 x 1340
  2. (908) 274-4211

8781 Sierra College Blvd.

Roseville, CA 95661


  • Only has install milestone (100% paid at install) [will consider milestone payments based on volume after 1-2 months]
  • In additional to install milestone, GoodLeap provides funding to CED for equipment (must complete loan details verified step properly and later upload invoice before installation)
  • Requires that we turn the system off for them if asked within the first 6 months post installation (if the customer becomes delinquent) [we can receive a claw back if we do not help goodleap]
  • Value proposition is 15% greater approval percentage than Mosaic
  • 650-699 credit scores will receive up to $50k
  • Higher credit scores can receive up to $135k
  • >700 credit has no DTI check
  • Customer billing starts 3 months after the install milestone (not tied to when sold)
  • Solo integration available if ever wanted
  • Portal:
  • GoodLeap Pro app also available
  • Use Sales Rep Advanced permission for all standard sales reps
  • Need only last 4 of SS#
  • DTI is based on stated income and requires verification if +/- 20% of what they find in their record search
  • $7 max. PPW with no adders and $12.72 with adders
  • Always requires adders and cost if PPW greater than $7
  • No uploads to mark install complete. 1x / mo. will audit 3 jobs and request information on them.  After 3 passing audits moved to quarterly audits
  • Have 180 days from submission to funded
  • Have 120 days from funded to PTO (will extend if requested up to 180 days before claw back)
  • Still willing to work with us and not claw back after 180 days if the customer has made all payments on time