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Go Solar.
Get Government Incentives.

Government incentives for solar installation in Massachusetts and Rhode Island
Your Trusted Partner For Solar Installation

To drive adoption of green energy, the U.S. government is providing tax incentives for homeowners switching to solar. These incentives are available for homeowners in Rhode Island and Massachusetts today! However, these incentives will be expiring soon, so call us now (508) 403-5798 to get a quote and see how much you can save!

For a limited time only - Smart Green is offering a $1,000 instant rebate at signing time.

Stop renting your power.
Own it with Solar!

Smart Green Installed Panels Generated 5.37 Gwh Power in RI and MA
0 Gwh
Power Generated
Homes Covered in RI & MA
Installed Panels Square Feet
Customers Love Local Solar Company
Save Money On Power Bills
Stop overpaying for electricity. With your own solar panels generating free power from Sun, you continue to reap money savings for long time. Leverage the government incentives and our one-time instant $1,000 rebate to save even more.
RI and MA Local Solar Company
Our current customers love the fact that we are based in MA and RI. Our technicians live and work locally. When you work with us directly, you cut out the middle man and build a strong relationship with your local solar provider.
Power Production Guarantee
We guarantee your first year of energy production. We will also cut you a check for any additional cost from the utility company in that first year if production is not unto promised levels. Buy from us with the peace of mind knowing that we will always do what is right for you.

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